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Ghostbuster Fancy Dress

We have made it easy for you to find Ghostbuster Fancy Dress by having an excellent selection of costumes from our favourite 1980s cult movie.

At Halloween and other spooky times of year who else are you gonna call? This Ghostbusters costume is made up of a polycotton mix boiler suit with the official Ghostbusters logo on the chest and sleeve. The costume is supplied with a blow up gun and back pack.

If it's somethin' weird an you wanna look good, who ya gonna call? No Halloween or Film Party is complete without a Ghostbuster, browse our range of licensed ghostbuster costumes, and just remember I ain't afraid a no ghost!

And remember to order the silly string or silly string gun! Approximately 27cm in length. Load up a can of silly string and fire away. Cans of Silly string are available separately.

Discover the Ghostbuster Fancy Dress here!

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